Saturday, March 13, 2010

An Upbeat Tao

An interesting song of Tao.

The lyrics
There was something undefined, formless and inaudible,
Coming into existence before Heaven and Earth.
And in my boundless silence
I tell the sky.
Unique is what you are, Continuously revolving
I've been searching
for light that I couldn't sight
And in the greatest of your mist finally I came to find.
It is worthy to be the
mother of the Earth
I don't know its name; but I called it "TAO''
My existence in ways you need to feel,feeling energy
I close my eyes and need
I make a further effort, I gave it another name
Beauty simply is "the Great", to be great, is to go on, therefore.
TAO is great,
The Heaven is great,
The Earth is great,
The King is also great.
In the world there are four that are great and the King is one of them.
Man models himself after the Earth.
Earth models itself after Heaven.
Heaven models itself after TAO.
TAO models itself according to the Law of Nature.

有 物 混 成 , 先 天 地 生 , 
寂 兮 寥 兮 , 獨 立 而 不 改 , 
周 行 而 不 殆 , 可 以 為 天 下 母 。 
吾 不 知 其 名 , 字 之 曰 道 , 強 為 之 名 曰 大 。 
大 曰 逝 , 
逝 曰 遠 。 
遠 曰 返 。 
故 道 大 , 天 大 , 地 大 , 王 亦 大 。 
域 中 有 四 大 , 而 王 處 一 焉 。 
人 法 地 , 
地 法 天 , 
天 法 道 ,
道 法 自 然 。

Yo there was a mixing beginning
Before the Existence of the Land and Sky
Remain Silence and wide
Cant be modify cycling never die
Everything call Mama but I got it No Name
And I call it Biggie Tao da complete description
Expand and Extinct to No limit distance
Bounce back to the surrounding 
So Biggie Tao Tao is da biggie thang thang
Tha Universe is a biggie thang thang
Tha Horizon is a biggie thang thang
Tha King of Man is a biggie thang thang
Four of the Biggie Sections of Four Biggie Thang
Man imitating the Land
Land imitating the Sky
Sky imitating the Biggie Tao
Tao imitates its ALL Natural

 Kudos to the team!


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